Rotary’s public image – every bit helps!

Great Ideas to Share

Sometimes it’s surprising where things show up! So as you think about promoting your Rotary Club, favourite program or the organization generally, remember that ever bit counts. Here are some suggestions of what to keep in mind:

– always follow the guidelines for logo usage – it’s the only way we will build the consistency that we need;

– quality matters: it’s better to do less and do it really well, than do more, not so well. As a group of business and professional women and men dedicated to serving our communities, everything we do should be of a professional quality, reflecting who and what we are.

Here is a picture taken of world renowned artist Robert Bateman, painting in his home in February 2010. Note his apron! Now I want to know more about program that apron was clearly made for. Anyone know??

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Merlot and Night Photography

I take my camera everywhere with me as you never know when inspiration will strike! And Oxford can seem more magical at night and even more so after a glass of merlot. This happened on the night I …

Source: Merlot and Night Photography

Fridge Freezer Its working!

Hooray after ages of bing without a funtioning freezer it arrived.  So great to hear the hum as it came into life. A total joy but it made me think and I mean really really made me think just how lucky we are to have such a well controlled piece of equipment.  Eliza would never have had the luxury of that maybe an ice house perhaps or a cold pantry but nothing like a fridge freezer.  The hard work of chopping blocks of ice to get it cold enough to make ice cream and the strength in the cooks arms let alone the skill is awe inspiring.

Now on to making the rest of the kitchen servicable bit by little bit.  But as they say things rushed never turn out that well so slowley does it.

Hmmmm I wonder if she has a ice cream recipe in the book I shall have to have a look.

Eliza Actons Modern Cookery 1855 edition

Bye for now everyone


The Future is bright

Sometimes even when things do not go right there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though my original copy of Eliza Acton’s cookbook is still sadly missing after several years of looking and being unable to do anything due to the state of the house and my poor health I stumbled apon a facsimile off it though it does not have the scribbled notes in it or the lovely feel of the pages or the old book smell it is a workable copy.  Also my health is looking like it may be getting better and the work on the house & kitchen has also slowly started so you never know we might produce a few recipes in the near future.

So watch this space ………………………………..